Constituency All AXA Group companies and subsidiaries. For more details please refer to AXA website.
Mission AXA CERT is responsible for providing alerts and warnings, intrusion detection services, incident handling, artifact handling and development of security tools.
To see more details about AXA CERT, please refer to AXA CERT RFC 2350 documentation (signature).
Contact For any security incident or threat notification targeting or involving AXA, please contact AXA CERT using the following contact details:
  • Email address:
  • PGP public key for encrypted communications:
    • ID: 0x676D7D05
    • Fingerprint: 3C3E 08E3 FDC8 1473 CD4B DCE6 B2A5 A31D 676D 7D05
    • Download the CERT public key (link 1, link 2)
  • Phone: AXA CERT phone number
  • Postal Address:
    14th Floor – Tour Manhattan – La Défense 2
    5‑6 Place de l'Iris
    92 400 Courbevoie
Authorized to use CERT(TM) CERT is a mark owned by Carnegie Mellon University